Vauxhall has relaunched scrappage to try and discount its mediocrity. It is now offering a trade-in of minimum £2000 against most models.

VauxhallThe rise of special car tax equivalents has made many people advocate for scrappage, but this will certainly harm Modern Classics magazines not specifically for the magazine but definitely for the cars.

Scrap values are very low currently. Destroying safe and usable older cars in order to promote the sale of newer, short-lived cars with environmental impacts that would equal running the older one for a much longer time doesn’t make sense. Very few cars are made in the UK, and even many Vauxhall models are made overseas.

It may be easy to determine why you should trade in your old car for a £2000 discount and a new PC deal. But GM has been burned by this earlier when trying to offset production costs against maintenance income and finance packages. This just isn’t the right model for car sales.

Some people may even feel like they don’t need to get a new car for years. This assumption ends up being right for them on most occasions. Their old cars are more than enough to get them around town.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to austerity and how it is nothing more than an excuse to keep the poor. £2000 scrappage deals are nothing more than an excuse to keep people indebted to huge corporations and don’t really have too many elements of environmentalism.

When a 16-year-old, fully functional car can only fetch you £200 on the open market, there is no way for the UK to justify that the country is in austerity apart from the political propaganda and media hype. It is yet to be seen how Vauxhall will proceed and maybe they will change their plans in the future.