Vauxhall teamed up with Classic and Sports Car magazine to support an important competition car from the 60’s through a number of historic touring races last season.

Vauxhall teamed up with Classic and Sports CarThe very well-known VX4/90 began its life on their press fleet before debuting at the Goodwood’s St. Mary’s Trophy in 1963 where it was driven by Bill Blydenstein, the tuning legend, and one of Vauxhall’s key players in their subsequent glory years in the competition.

Paul Clayson, the current owner of the car, has restored it to almost its original state, and he has received race support from Vauxhall Heritage since. In 2015, Paul made his debut at Silverstone with the car.

James Page, the Editor of Classic and Sports Car magazine, is a fan of this historic car and was among the first to test drive it on the track. They were impressed by how the power train and chassis were developed by Paul while not messing too much with the originality of the car.

After debuting at Goodwood in 1963, the 812 FNM was successfully campaigned in the European Saloon Championship before it was changed into a rally car in 1964. In 2013, after a difficult restoration, the car made its way back to the grid during the 50th anniversary of St. Mary’s Trophy where it was driven by Paul Clayson and John Cleland, a former Touring Car driver for Vauxhall.

Clayson acquired this car a few years ago when it looked quite bad and along with Gerry Johnstone, worked to restore the Touring Car to its past glory. It now produces 140 hp, and the car has managed to retain its original exhaust manifold and inlet.

Clayson said that he wasn’t looking at winning races when he began the project and just wanted to do justice to the history of Touring Cars and Vauxhall.