Viva VauxhallThe older Viva was the type of car about which people said they didn’t make cars like that anymore. It was a simple, RWD vehicle with a 4-speed gearbox, laboring, a push rod engine, and a cart spring suspension. You could go for the estate or the sedan. The ones which were made back in the 60’s were notorious for being rotter’s and went rusty quickly. The 70’s variants have grown quite old now and simply faded away.

Apart from the reliability, everything about the old Viva was depressing. The paint was a dull matt yellow; the inside was a tatty mix of hard plastics, squishy vinyl, and metal surfaces. It had glow worm headlamps, a strip speedometer, steering that didn’t self-center, etc.

As far as the new 2016 Vauxhall Viva is concerned, it is a completely different animal. It is pretty refined mechanically, and the engine thrums away quietly. The only thing intrusive about the car is the tire roar when traveling at high speeds. It feels far less labored than competitors. It might roll a little more on bends and in terms of handling there is nothing remarkable even though it is quite tidy.

Inside, the car has a standard modern car interior. It is full of black plastics and fabrics on the inside. It is not sexy, but it certainly is practical and well made with good finishing. The dash and instruments are, entirely sensible too. The car can comfortably seat four or five people. Like most rivals, the boot is very small, but it does have a high lip.

This Viva will not have the same long-lasting ability like the earlier one, but it certainly is a delight to drive from today’s standards. When looked at objectively, it is a pleasant, decent little car to say the least.